Tuesday, July 15, 2014


What Have I Been Doing?

Signing the e-book contract
My goodness! It's been six months since I contributed anything to this blog. Meanwhile I have been posting on my travel blog at http://travelthroughhistory.blogspot.com  But it's time to catch up here with all the news that has been happening which is part of the reason I've not taken the time to post blogs on Living the Writer's Life.

First, besides my book contract for SHADOW OF THE LION (Volume One "Blood on the Moon" will be out by mid August!) I also signed a contract to work on an Athens Guide e-book for Hunter Publishing, US. This is exciting as Athens is like my second home. I'll be returning there in September and while there will do more extensive research for the Guide. Meanwhile, I have most of it written and the publisher is pleased!

Unfortunatly, I haven't had any time at all to work on "DRAGONS IN THE SKY" my Celtic tale. But I'm about to start a new chapter just as soon as I can clear my writing desk of the various projects at hand.

Where Have I Been?
A day at Giza

I've been focusing mostly on travel stories, especially Egypt, since my wonderful, surprising and magical trip there in late March. This amazing travel writer's tour included a special side-trip to Alexandria for me because of the research I did for Shadow of the Lion. So far I've had three of the stories published, one is out to market now and there will be several more written in the next few weeks.  I am writing the blogs first, then the articles so it takes a bit of time.
 Alexander and me at the Library of Alexandria

What's Happening Now?
My night school classes ended with the Winter term and will be no more. However I have still some morning groups, though only the WAVES writers is running now, on Monday mornings. The others will resume in mid October. Meantime I am doing a bit of in-home writing/coaching and this Spring I also did an in-home travel writing workshop. I plan to scout around for more venues to teach classes at and will also try to do more in-home workshops in the Fall.

What Are My Plans?
I'm going to England on August 31 and will visit family in Wales, then attend the Historical Novel Writers Conference in London Sept 5/6. I hope I can do some book readings in UK while I'm there. I fly to Athens September 8 and already have two book readings scheduled. I am planning to go up north to Macedonia -- Thessaloniki and around the area such as Pella, where I'll do some more research for my Dragons novel. I'm hoping to get in touch with the Society of Macedonian Studies who were helpful in my early research of Shadow and perhaps do a reading there. As well I am planning to attend a Greek poet friend's presentation in Thessaloniki.

I will be in Greece untill Oct 8. I plan to stop off in Germany en route home to visit my friend Patrick for a few days. Homeward bound Oct. 11

So that's all the updated news. I'll try to begin posting here again more frequently as soon as I clear my writing desk of projects and get some time to write more blogs.

Enjoying some souvlaki in Monastiraki, Athens.