Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ancient Corinth, with Acrocorinth in the Background.

I've been travelling since August 27, first to Wales then Germany and now I'm in Greece.  While I'm away I have tried to keep a focus on my writing projects.  When I was in Wales I was able to visit St. Fagan's Folk Museum which is a whole village of various aspects of Welsh life.  It included the very earliest Celtic dwellings such as would have been used in Olwen's time.  This was valuable research for me for my unfinished novel, Dragons In the Sky which I intend to resume work on after I get home and do the final chapter of my Alexander novel.

Of course, being a travel writer as well as historical fiction writer, I have been gathering all sorts of ideas for new stories everywhere I go.  And one of my first loves is visiting archaeological sites.  Here in Greece I've been going to museums as well as sites and making lots of notes, some pertaining to my Shadow of the Lion  (little details I can add for the final edits).

I actually brought that last chapter with me as I only have 1/4 of it left to write but so far haven't looked at it. While I was on the islands I was trying to write poetry because I am scheduled to be a feature reader at a poetry even after I return to Vancouver in mid September.   So  you see, I am 'at work' even though I am on holidays. And soon  you'll be getting a new Progress Report about Shadow.