Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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I had to set aside "Dragons in the Sky" because I am working on a new Epilogue (for book 1) and Prologue (for book 2) of SHADOW OF THE LION,  since the publishers have decided to break it into two books.

I spent a weekend stressed out over how I'd go about it (not as easy as I thought and they must be perfect!  But since then I think I have a grip on it and have a pretty good draft of the Epilogue finished.  Will work on the Prologue now, and then workshop both of them in my Scribblers' writer's critique group.

So far I am very pleased with my publisher www.mediaaria-cdm.com  and their friendly responses.  At the end of the year I'll be working with the director himself who will supervise the final edits ("an act of love" because he feels that Shadow is "an amazing artistic endeavour") 

I have an artist friend designing the book cover.  And so far the publisher has done lots of advance publicity.  On my end, I have put up a blog especially to advertise and introduce the novel
You can see it at http://shadowofthelion.com   I'll be adding bits from time to time to keep the interest up.

This is a very exciting time for me. It still hardly seems 'real' that, at last, my novel will be published!
I've been asked to do some readings in advance. This week I'm reading at a story time group and next month I'll co-read with a friend who is having a book launch at a local library.

Stay tuned in to this blog for further news and maybe even a bit more about "Dragons in the Sky" when I get these other tasks finished.