Sunday, May 10, 2009



I could have sworn that I posted a blog here the other day. I know I posted in my Travel Blog and also Conversations with Myself and I am 100% certain I put one up about Living the Writer's Life too. Or maybe I'm losing my mind? I've been so busy these days and now the crunch is on because I'll be leaving on my holidays in just two weeks time. And I've still so much to do.

For one thing, I've had to pre-post 24 stories and photos for the Vancouver Guide (Planet Eye) as well as the 3 or 4 stories I post each week. So that has taken a lot of time to prepared, go on field trips, organize and write. I spent a good 7 hrs at the computer on Friday doing this and now it's pretty well caught up and I can resume a little work on my novel, which has been sadly neglected of late.

So much for my well-intentioned plans to finish before I left for Greece. I tried, but first my computer had problems, then I had all this other writing to do. As well, I am teaching three days a week and have editing and so forth to do for those classes.

One thing I have been doing is going on field trips to get story ideas for the Vancouver Guide. Every Sunday I go for a special walk. Last week I went to this beautiful park/garden for the Rhododendron Festival. I also walked around the lake there. Tomorrow, for my Sunday walk, I will only have a short one because it's MOther's Day and I've been invited out for lunch and later for dinner. But I do have an idea of what to do and that is to go and take photos of the Eagles in the City sculptures that are located all around downtown. Decorated eagles that will later be auctioned for the Children's Hospital. You can see all these stories on the Vancouver Guide

This is a paying writer's gig so I take it seriously and I'm enjoying doing some restaurant reviews as well. Just posted one about celebrating Cinco de Mayo last week at a Mexican restaurant where they had a mariachi band from Jalisco Mexico.

Yes, and that's another thing, my social life has been very exciting with no end of things to do. This week there's been various events besides the Cinco de Mayo. One day I went to a reception party after a friend's book launch. He's a Peruvian friend and a very good writer. Last night we went to a CD launch for a young musician from Columbia and his group. Tonight my friend treated me to the new movie of Star Wars.

Well, I do get some time to write and usually spend a lot of time at the computer so having a break once in awhile like today was really a nice treat. And next week for sure I intend to finish off another chapter of Shadow so that I'll one more chapter closer to finishing.

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