Friday, August 29, 2014


To celebrate the publication of SHADOW (volume 1) I had a little reception and invited some of my most supportive friends to share the afternoon with me. Everyone was really thrilled to actually hold the book in their hands. It looks so impressive and I can hardly believe, when I skim through it, that I wrote all those words!

I'm just about to set off on another adventure, this time partly a book-promo for SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON,  partly for new travel writing material including some research for the Athens Guide e-book I'm working on for a US publisher.

It's been exciting so far, planning the trip. First I'm going to London to attend the Historical Fiction Writer's Conference in London Sept 5 and 6.  Between then and arrival Sept 1 I'll be in Caerphilly Wales visiting cousins.  I leave London Sept 8 for Greece and immediately will go up north to Thessaloniki first to attend a Greek/Can friend's poetry presentation and then to visit the Society of Macedonian Studies and tell them about my book. 

Then I'm going to stop by the archaeological site of Pella for some research for my current w.i.p. and retrace some of my research steps to Amphipolis where they have discovered the famous tomb (probably one of Alexander's generals). Part of book one and most of book two THE FIELDS OF HADES (to be published in 2016) are set in Amphipolis.

During my stay in Athens I'll be doing a reading at the Athens Centre on Sept 24 and then I'm going up to Larissa to a World Poetry Conference on Sept 27 to present my book there. I was recently nominated for an award by the World Poetry and will present my book when I return on Oct 19 at Simon Fraser Uni. downtown campus.

Everything is happening so fast it's breathtaking. And I hope the book sells well. It should now be available through bookstores and libraries. If you don't see if on the shelves, ask if they can order it for you thru

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Friday, August 08, 2014

SHADOW OF THE LION: Blood on the Moon, Now available on

Here's the big news:  
SHADOW OF THE LION, Blood on the Moon is listed on Amazon. Surprised it's a hard cover. Pretty exciting though! Official release day, August 11.