Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Add to Technorati Favorites Well, 2017 is drawing to a close and it's time to recap the year with all the writing related and travel that I did. It was a busy year, partly because mid-way I had to move out of the place where I'd been for the past year which was unsuitable, unsettling and a hindrance to my creativity. Fortunately I was able to find a quiet place in Sapperton, the old part of New Westminster which is the city next to Vancouver. It is a quiet, serene place in a friendly neighborhood and finally I was able to get back to my writing. During the summer I didn't do much book promo but I did have my book launch for SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES in June and later a table at Greek Days to display it.
At the first of July I had a table at a book festival in Fort Langley, a suburban town outside of Vancouver. Since then I've done a couple of readings but now the new year approaches I'm making more effort to apply for readings and workshops.
Meanwhile, I'm working on my other novel DRAGONS IN THE SKY and would like to complete it for sure this year! I have also negotiated with my publisher to try and get him to put SHADOW OF THE LION (both volumes) into soft cover but the plan he has proposed is not suitable so I am facing this big decision for the first of the year of what will happen. I am not going to rewrite it or chop it to pieces to put it into an 'Abridged' version, but I will try to get it published as an ebook. I also still instructing a couple of writing group and I'm considering advertising for others including more travel writing workshops. My travels were limited this year to three weeks in Greece so I haven't done much travel writing. I am sorry to say that the Greek Islands ebook I worked on for over a year came to a halt suddenly when the American publisher dropped all contact with me. I will eventually publish it myself when I get time to finish it. My other ebook ATHENS AND BEYOND is avaiable on Kindle.
The highlights of my time in Greece were the three readings I did, one at the Canadian Institute, one for the Athens centre and I read to a grade nine class of 50 students at the Athens Community School as well as giving a writer's workshop for a smaller group of older students.
The biggest thrill of all was my three day visit to Iraklion Crete when I finally got to meet one of my writer/mentor's in person after many years of being only in contact on-line. Dr Jack Dempsey is an authority on the Minoans and has been a great supporter during my writing and publishing of SHADOW. We spent a wonderful afternoon together talking and sharing our writing stories and adventures. I'm hoping to see him again next year as he now lives in Crete (was originally from US).
So this about wraps up the activities and plans for the future in my writing career. And I hope to be more diligent in posting blogs in the coming year as well.