Monday, April 29, 2019


Add to Technorati FavoritesFinally I can report that my novel SHADOW OF THE LION is up on Kindle ebook - the entire novel!

You can now take the whole book with you on Kindle.


It was previously published in UK by Media Aria CDM in two hard-cover volumes:

Thursday, November 01, 2018

OPAL Writers Magazine Features Me and SHADOW OF THE LION.

I've been busy doing readings, including one in Victoria at the public library, and more to come in November at the Vancouver Public Library reading series for authors.

 I also appeared on a panel for CARPediem (Zoomer Magazine) Joy TV, discussing staycations for senior travelers.

  But the BIG thrill this month is being featured in OPAL WRITERS MAGAZINE.
Available For Downloading

I am grateful for this opportunity to publicize my two-volume novel SHADOW OF THE LION
Its seems as if lately my stars are aligning and I am looking forward to more events in the future.

Sunday, September 09, 2018


I recently did a reading for the Dominion Reading Series in Vancouver B.C.
It included a time to discuss my writing process as well as a Q&A period.
The evening was a big success for me with an enthusiastic audience.

Here's the link to the YouTube video of me reading.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


  So far this year (2018) I've been doing a lot of book promoting, readings, workshops and even some poetry readings.  My two novels SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON and the sequel subtitled THE FIELDS OF HADES are both available on and The Book Depository.  I have prepared the full manuscript to be an ebook on Kindle and that should soon be posted on

My travel book ATHENS AND BEYOND is also available on Kindle.

During the year so far,  one of my poems Precious Moments on the Beach was published in an anthology with proceeds going to Syrian refugees.  In January I also became the host of a reading series IN THEIR WORDS, held bi monthly, where readers choose a favorite author, poet or playwright, tell about how they are influenced by this peson's work, and read some of their work.  It's a really fun series with lots of variety.

In February I participated in the series Tellers of Small Tales another series promoted by the Royal City Literary Arts.   I also was a feature poet at the Poetic Justice series and presented my novels at Spoken Ink, Burnaby Writer's group.

In March I went on a fun weekend (comp) to the Westin Bear Mountain Resort on Vancouver Island. I invited three friends along and we had a ball!  It was a good opportunity to do a travel article which I posted on my travelthroughhistory blog.

In April I was invited by Pandora's Poetry Collective to read with another poet in their Poetic Pairing Series.  This was also a lot of fun. 

During this time I was also instructing my writing groups at the Heritage Grill in New Westminster  (Mondays) and Brock House in Vancouver (Wednesdays).

On May 12,  the Vancouver Public Library held their yearly WRITE ON VANCOUVER and I had a table there where I could promote my books. This is also a fun event and  you get to meet lots of other writers and speak to people who are interested in your writing.   Later in the month I also did a Travel Writing Basics workshop at the Anvile Centre.

At Write On Vancouver

I decided to make a little road trip in June to visit two friends in the Interior.  And while there, I decided to book some readings/workshops.  I read for a writer's group in Kamloops and did a workshop on Creating Characters.  this one didn't go that well when I was rudely interrupted after about 5 minutes of reading (from Shadow).  The reading at the Vernon Public Library was better.  I  had a good reading of my novel and then I did a workshop on Travel Writing Basics  (explaining how a lot of my travel stories result from research trips from my novel.)  Later in the month I also did another Travel Writing Basics workshop for the BC Travel Writers Assoc. meetup group.

Another enterprise I'm involved in is the Theatre in the Raw's annual one-act play contest.  I help adjudicate the plays.  The Theatre in the Raw produced my play "The Street" back in 2000.  So over the months I was busy reading plays.   Of course, I'm also invovled weekly with my SCRIBBLERS writer's critique group.  So most of my time is spent in writing or writing related events and projects.

This month, August, was no exception and I was asked to participate in the Dominion Reading Series on Aug 17 where I read and discussed my novel as well as my love of travel with a very attentive audience.   I read alongside two other very talented local poets.   

Reading at the Dominion Reading Series.

I haven't done much travel writing this year (waiting for two stories to be published in EuropeUpClose) but tomorrow, Aug 23, I'm going on a riverboat cruise to Pitt Lake where I understand there are some historical things to view.  Looking forward to this  - and a chance to be on the water out of the humidity.   And Friday I meet with a friend to discuss her in-progress novel. 

September things will get real busy with classes starting up, including 3 weeks at Century House.   I have a reading at Renaissance Books on Sept 19 as well. 

The biggest event booked so far for the Fall, is a reading at the Victoria Public Library for October 6.  Preregistration is necessary because if I don't get a big enough audience they will cancel.  I am also hoping to books some other readings and workshops while I'm there.  I contacted several of the Victoria area writers groups but so far have had no response.

 That's a pretty good start to the Fall season.  Still waiting to hear from a writers group in Kitsilano, Vancouver, who asked if I could take over instructing their group.  And I'm hoping to get a few more workshops lined up.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Add to Technorati Favorites Well, 2017 is drawing to a close and it's time to recap the year with all the writing related and travel that I did. It was a busy year, partly because mid-way I had to move out of the place where I'd been for the past year which was unsuitable, unsettling and a hindrance to my creativity. Fortunately I was able to find a quiet place in Sapperton, the old part of New Westminster which is the city next to Vancouver. It is a quiet, serene place in a friendly neighborhood and finally I was able to get back to my writing. During the summer I didn't do much book promo but I did have my book launch for SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES in June and later a table at Greek Days to display it.
At the first of July I had a table at a book festival in Fort Langley, a suburban town outside of Vancouver. Since then I've done a couple of readings but now the new year approaches I'm making more effort to apply for readings and workshops.
Meanwhile, I'm working on my other novel DRAGONS IN THE SKY and would like to complete it for sure this year! I have also negotiated with my publisher to try and get him to put SHADOW OF THE LION (both volumes) into soft cover but the plan he has proposed is not suitable so I am facing this big decision for the first of the year of what will happen. I am not going to rewrite it or chop it to pieces to put it into an 'Abridged' version, but I will try to get it published as an ebook. I also still instructing a couple of writing group and I'm considering advertising for others including more travel writing workshops. My travels were limited this year to three weeks in Greece so I haven't done much travel writing. I am sorry to say that the Greek Islands ebook I worked on for over a year came to a halt suddenly when the American publisher dropped all contact with me. I will eventually publish it myself when I get time to finish it. My other ebook ATHENS AND BEYOND is avaiable on Kindle.
The highlights of my time in Greece were the three readings I did, one at the Canadian Institute, one for the Athens centre and I read to a grade nine class of 50 students at the Athens Community School as well as giving a writer's workshop for a smaller group of older students.
The biggest thrill of all was my three day visit to Iraklion Crete when I finally got to meet one of my writer/mentor's in person after many years of being only in contact on-line. Dr Jack Dempsey is an authority on the Minoans and has been a great supporter during my writing and publishing of SHADOW. We spent a wonderful afternoon together talking and sharing our writing stories and adventures. I'm hoping to see him again next year as he now lives in Crete (was originally from US).
So this about wraps up the activities and plans for the future in my writing career. And I hope to be more diligent in posting blogs in the coming year as well.

Friday, November 03, 2017


Three weeks was hardly long enough, but I made the best of it.  I spent three days at my favorite place, the Maragas Camping on Naxos.

From there I took the sea-jet ferry to Irakleion, Crete.

 Venetian harbor

The Lion Fountain

 I visited some of the sites, including Knossos, and met my writer/mentor friend Dr. Jack Dempsey, for the first time in person. (We've been communicating for a number years on-line). We spent a wonderful few hours talking about our writing at a seafood restaurant by Iraklion's Venetian Harbor. He's an authority on the Minoans and has written two books about them: Ariadne's Brother and People of the Sea. 
Jack and me


I got around town there on the hop-on-hop-off bus which took me to several sites over two days including the Archaeological Museum and the Natural History Museum.

 Finds from Knossos

 Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

 I also visited the grave site for writer Nikos Kazantzakis up on the city wall where he was buried because the Orthodox Church wouldn't allow his burial in the cemetery.

Then I returned to Athens for two busy weeks of book readings at the Canadian Institute and the American Community School where I read to a class of 50 grade nine students and conducted a writing workshop/reading with a smaller group of older students.  The following week I did another successful reading at the Athens Centre with a lecture titled 'In Alexander's Footsteps'.  All three centres have invited me back next year!

Reading at the Canadian Institute, Athens.

 The class of Grade 9 Students at the American Community School

 writer's workshop

 Reading at the Athens Centre

My time sped by there. I didn't didn't get much chance to travel around.  We did see the new Niarchos Community Centre in Pireaus.

 Then I went to Salamina for a few days where I explored a few new archaeological sites.

The monument to the warriors of the Battle of Salamis

 Then it was time to head home.  Too fast, but a successful trip nonetheless. And for sure I'll return next year!

Monday, September 11, 2017


I'm heading back to Greece for three week and while I'm there I am schedule to do three readings of SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES at the American Community School, the Athens Centre and the Canadian Institute. I'll read segments from SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON as well.


This year I'm not staying for as long as usual, but I still plan some trips  -  a few days on Naxos and then on to Iraklion, Crete where I want to visit Knossos and spend some time visiting with a writer/mentor friend of mine, Jack Dempsey who writes about the Minoans.  The rest of the time I'll be in Athens and will make some short trips to Salamina and around Athens.

 Plaka Beach, NAXOS

It's been a hectic last year with problems at my old home and a move mid July. But I'm all settled again in a quiet, peaceful apartment in a lovely suburban neighbouhood.  During the past year I had little incentive work on my current novel DRAGONS IN THE SKY. Instead I spend almost a year writing an ebook on the Greek Islands for a US publisher, under contract. I was almost finished it and he suddenly abandoned me. So I have shelved the project and will finish and self-publish it later.

Now that I'm resettled, I have started back on DRAGONS after a year's break from it. A tricky project trying to get back into the cadence of the prose but I am forging ahead and after my trip I will dedicate all my time to it.

Be sure and order my SHADOW OF THE LION double volume novel.  A good place to get it (with no shopping costs) is the Book Depository.  But if you check prices you can sometimes get deals on Amazon including second-hand copies which are in almost new condition. One that I ordered had even been previously signed by me!

Meanwhile,  you can also get my travel guide ATHENS AND BEYOND on Kindle.