Friday, August 30, 2013


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It's all official now. The co-signed contract has been returned to me and a few instructions including a Getting Started as A Hybrid Author document.  Pretty soon I'll get a questionnaire to fill out and will send it and photos of myself to be used on the Media Aria-CDM publishers pages.  I am impressed on how they try to promote their writers. Of course, the writer has to promote themselves too. So you can expect more blogs on the subject of SHADOW OF THE LION.

I'm so excited now as it has all become a reality. So remember this, you novice writers, DON'T GIVE UP. Keep on writing, marketing, and sending out queries. Because one day, like me, you'll  hit "BINGO" and you'll find yourself a published writer.  (And what's good about this is, it's not self-publishing which, though popular these days, is something I didn't want to do with a novel like SHADOW OF THE LION.)

I'll keep you posted. I'm even going to start a blog specifically about the book. So watch for it.

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