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Monday, September 11, 2017


I'm heading back to Greece for three week and while I'm there I am schedule to do three readings of SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES at the American Community School, the Athens Centre and the Canadian Institute. I'll read segments from SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON as well.


This year I'm not staying for as long as usual, but I still plan some trips  -  a few days on Naxos and then on to Iraklion, Crete where I want to visit Knossos and spend some time visiting with a writer/mentor friend of mine, Jack Dempsey who writes about the Minoans.  The rest of the time I'll be in Athens and will make some short trips to Salamina and around Athens.

 Plaka Beach, NAXOS

It's been a hectic last year with problems at my old home and a move mid July. But I'm all settled again in a quiet, peaceful apartment in a lovely suburban neighbouhood.  During the past year I had little incentive work on my current novel DRAGONS IN THE SKY. Instead I spend almost a year writing an ebook on the Greek Islands for a US publisher, under contract. I was almost finished it and he suddenly abandoned me. So I have shelved the project and will finish and self-publish it later.

Now that I'm resettled, I have started back on DRAGONS after a year's break from it. A tricky project trying to get back into the cadence of the prose but I am forging ahead and after my trip I will dedicate all my time to it.

Be sure and order my SHADOW OF THE LION double volume novel.  A good place to get it (with no shopping costs) is the Book Depository.  But if you check prices you can sometimes get deals on Amazon including second-hand copies which are in almost new condition. One that I ordered had even been previously signed by me!

Meanwhile,  you can also get my travel guide ATHENS AND BEYOND on Kindle.

Sunday, July 02, 2017


 On June 20 I had a successful book launch for SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES. It was held at the Kitsilano branch Public Library.  A nice group attended including the new Consul General of Greece, Mr Thanos Ioannou and his wife.

Reading from The Fields of Hades

The Greek Consul General Mr Thanou Ioannou and his wife.

I've been doing a lot of book promo this past month.  On June 25 I had a table at GREEK DAYS on West Broadway in Vancouver and spent a long day ( 11 am - 9 pm) enjoying chats with passersby and a friend I'd invited to join the table with me.  Lots of people stopped to ask about my books and I sold three which was great.

On Canada Day (July 1, Canada's 150th birthday!) I had a table at the Book Fair at Ft. Langley.
I shared the table with Wayne Gatley from my Scribblers group.  It wasn't as busy as Greek Days but a few people stopped by to check out my book,  no sales though. But it was a nice way to do promo and I enjoyed the day.


More readings coming up.  On July 15 there'll be another table display at Queens Park in New Westminster and on August 5 I'm dong a workshop/reading for the Pt. Coquitlam Tri-City Wordsmiths.  Hope to get a few more readings/workshops ofer the summer as well.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book Launch and Readings: Promoting SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES

 This past weekend I spent a delightful day at the Vancouver Public Library at a Writer's event.  We had tables to display our books and spent most of the day chatting to passersby.  I did a short reading from the Epilogue of SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON.

My books didn't arrive on time but I had brochures printed up to advertise both volumes of SHADOW and this proved practical, as people who had books for sale weren't making many sales.  It was a fun day though, hanging out with other writers. And a good chance to promote my books.

I have organized my book launch for SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES.  This will be held at the Kitsilano library branch in the week preceding Greek Days on West Broadway. I wasn't able to obtain the room at the Hellenic Centre even though the Greek Consul agreed to sponsor me, because they were charging a lot of money for rent.  But this library setting should be great and we will have an after party down the road at the Olympia Taverna afterwards

The launch is on Tuesday, June 20, at 7 pm. It's a small room so if you want to come, be there early to get a seat.  I'm looking forward to reading from THE FIELDS OF HADES and seeing everyone!
And thanks to my son, Steve, for making me this nice poster!

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Thursday, March 09, 2017


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It's been a while since I blogged here and a lot has happened since my trip to Greece in Sept/October 2016.  The second half of SHADOW OF THE LION was published in January 2017 and is now available on and the Book Depository (which doesn't charge shipping!)

The second half of the novel is subtitled SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES and it is an exciting end to the tale of the fall of Alexander the Great's dynasty with the battle lines drawn not only with the Successor who vie to take over the Empire but also the women who vie to take over the throne.  I'll post more details on this but for now, here's the book as it is. I love the cover and I know you'll love the content.

As the after-shocks of Alexander’s death bring disorder to his Empire from Macedon to Persia, a deadly power struggle is waged over who will dominate to rule.
Alexander’s Generals ‘The Successors’, contest who will emerge to rule the vast expanse of Alexander’s Empire. The ‘Royal Women’ Alexander’s mother Olympias and niece Adea-Eurydike also vie for control.
SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES, is Book Two of an epic story of political intrigue and ruthless ambition, complete with all the ingredients of a Greek tragedy. It is also a story that happens to be true.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Reading at the Canadian Institute, Athens,  Oct. 2015

It's been months since I wrote in LIVING THE WRITER'S LIFE.  And yes, it's a very busy life!

First of all, no sooner had Christmas and New Years passed when I was told I'd have to move from the suite I'd occupied for 10 years.  This in itself was a trauma but when I started to look for a new place it was even more nerve-wracking and depressing.  There is a crucial  housing and suite shortage in Vancouver and it's all due to off-shore buyers snapping up houses and paying exhorbitant prices which locals could not afford.  And everyone has gotten so greedy. Imagine asking $1200 for a basement suite!  So for someone living on a pension and considered 'low income' it was a very stressful time. At first I thought perhaps I should put my stuff in storage and go back to Greece but I knew I'd have to soon start edits on Volume 2 of SHADOW so the timing wasn't right.  I thought I'd end  up in a shelter, then a travel writer friend intervened for me and I was shown a suite near where I had been living and I got it.  I moved in the beginning of April but it took a good while to get used to the new place and especially all the traffic noise. But I have adapted and feeling more 'at home' now.
Finally I am able to get back to some more writing, although I have been working on the Greek Island's ebook guide and have completed the Saronic and Ionian Islands part.
Visiting the Cave of Eurypides on Salamina island

Last week I also started the final proof edits for SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES and it is due to be published in October. If' you've read Volume One BLOOD ON THE MOON I know you must be anxious to get this second part of the book. And I can assure you it is one that will keep you turning the pages!

 The Temple of Poseidon

I got some inspiration from Lord Byron when I was visiting Cape Sounion
Meanwhile, I am planning a trip to the Islands, starting with Corfu. Flying to London first, on September 4, and visiting briefly with cousins in Caerphilly, Wales, then on to Corfu and a bit of Ionian island hoping until I reach Athens. Then later I hope to visit Crete and a few other islands including my favorite island, Naxos.
 Temple of Apollo, Naxos.

 Naxos Sunset

It's nice to be back in blog writing mode and I hope you'll see more of me in the future. 

Monday, December 21, 2015


I'm feeling very proud of my writing accomplishments these days. I've just signed about contract which means it's the third one in three years!  This is a contract for an ebook about the Greek Islands, to be published by Hunter Publishing,US. I'm really looking forward to the adventures this is going to lead me on. I've already visited 25 of the hundreds of Greek Islands, and written many stories about these visits. But there are several, namely Crete and Thassos, that I'd like to revisit and also several I'd like to visit for the first time. So it looks like my next trip to Greece will be Island Hopping.  Should be great fun! Like ATHENS AND BEYOND it will not only contain tourist information but stories about the various islands that I have visited.

Signing the contract for the Greek Island e-book, December 2015

A few months ago my second e-book was published,  ATHENS AND BEYOND published on KINDLE, Amazon by Hunter Publisher. I signed the contract for that one December 2014. It is available following this link:
I had fun doing this book too. Of course I have lived in Athens and travel there almost every year so I already had a lot of background stories about the city and surrounding areas. The ebook contains not only tourist information but stories about various places I have visited in the city or for daytrips.

Signing the contract for ATHENS AND BEYOND, December 2014

My first and biggest book signing agreement was in August 2013 when I signed the contract for my two-part novel SHADOW OF THE LION.  Because of the novel's length the published MediaAria-CDM from Bristol England, chose to divide it into two book. So in fact, I was signing a two-book contract.  

The first edition was out in July 2014  SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON and the second volume will be produced in 2016 SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES
This is a historical fiction novel based on a historical time-line that is about the fall of Alexander the Great's dynasty. I did a lot of traveling in Greece and Asia Minor while researching this book and it took a long time to write it with the help of the Greek Ministry of Culture and many academics and archaeological Institutes in Greece.

Signing the contract for SHADOW OF THE LION, August 2013

Available on Amazon or at high street book stores, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, etc. 

So I'd say as we enter 2016 I've gathered a pretty good track record. Meantime I've got another historical novel on the go and hopefully will have it finished before long. Who knows, maybe I'll have another book contract to sign in 2016?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Well here I am again after several months absence!  I left my home the end of August for an extended trip to Europe, starting with London which included a walking tour of the Cotswolds. Then on to Caerphilly Wales to visit cousins. From Cardiff I flew to Alicante Spain and was met by my travel writer friend Inka who hosted me at her home in Torrevieja for several days. Then I traveled by bus to Malaga where I stayed with friends from Vancouver who run an English school there. On Sept. 10 I flew to Athens, Greece where I spent the rest of my vacation which was partly fun and partly writing related work. I went to Naxos for a week of rest and meditation, staying 3 days in a bed-tent at Maragas beach and 3 days in a lovely hotel near Agia Ana. Managed to draft 5 poems and the beginnings of a new chapter for my current w.i.p. Dragons in the Sky.

There were many highlights of this wonderful trip but mainly I want to refer to those related to my writing.  That is, the excellent reading I was invited to do at the Canadian Institute on Oct 7 in Athens.  This was quite a thrill for me. A week earlier I'd been introduced to a group of Greek academics at the Hellenic Institute for Strategies and was treated like a visiting celeb. Many of them attended my reading of SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON at the Canadian Institute.

I have been so well received by the Greeks and by these organizations in Athens who invited me to read. The Canadian Institute has invited me to return next year when book two THE FIELDS OF HADES is published. And I also received another invitation from the Athens Centre where I read last year.

I had many adventures on this trip and most of them were related to finding new travel writing ideas. I'll be posting on my  soon but here's one of the highlights from Greece related to historical writing.

A visit to the Cave of Euripides

The Greek poet/dramatist Euripides was born on the island of Salamina and live for a while in cave up on the mountainside.  When I went to visit my friend on Salamina she told me about climbing to the cave but said it was a steep climb. This year I was determined to make an attempt to reach it. It turned out to be not as difficult as I'd anticipated as it was a switchback trail.  What a thrill it was to stand outside the cave where this renown writer had penned some of his famous dramas!  Apparently there were nine rooms in the cave. You aren't allowed to venture in now as it would be dangerous because of some erosion. But just to stand there and take in the magnificent view down the mountain toward the sea was an inspiring experience for me.

I'll post more writing news here soon. I'm scheduled to go on a radio program next week for World Poetry to talk about my adventures and the book.  SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON has been well received and I'm anticipating the next volume to be ready by next year. Hope to start the final edits on it soon!  While I Athens I also visited some bookstores to inquire about translations and gathered a bit of info for my publisher. The Greeks are very anxious to see this novel translated so I hope this eventually will be possible.

Meanwhile, the book promo goes on. This week I'll volunteer at the Surrey International Writer's Conference which will give me a chance to schmooze and make some new literary contacts.
My writing classes have resumed and soon I hope to be offering some more workshops.