Thursday, August 22, 2013


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My favorite view-point above Plaka, Athens Greece
It always seems more difficult to stay motivated when the summer sun is shining and the beach beckons. Since returning from my long, fantastic vacation in Wales and Greece, I haven't done much writing.  Of course I've been basking in the good luck of getting a book contract, but that hasn't motivated me to get busy on my second novel Dragons in the Sky although after workshopping a chapter the other week at Scribblers, I did take time to jot down notes and transcribe some notes I'd made during my holidays.  I also managed to send off a couple of travel stories. That's about it. I have succumbed to the call of the hot, sunny weather and made my way to the beach as often as possible.
Today I intended to write anther travel story but so far have only made some research notes. My workspace in the bedroom is hot as a sauna and it's a bit hard to concentrate under these conditions. I have even found it hard to do much 'thinking' and 'note taking' for my writing. But maybe it's good to take a break. Pretty soon summer will be over (too soon!) and the usual west coast rains will cloud our days. Those are the days it's easier to tie yourself to the computer and get work done!
Meanwhile, dear Olwen awaits the next chapter of her adventures in Greece. I have some rewriting to do on the last chapter I wrote. Then perhaps I'll be able to forge on with her story. Til then, I intend to enjoy every bit of this remarkable summer we are having on the Coast!

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