Monday, February 20, 2012


It's a very odd feeling when you come to the end and ship off your novel to an editor.  Kind of like giving birth.  And now what?  I felt pretty burned out after all that work I'd done myself and knew it was time to let another pair of eyes look at it.  Of course there'll be a bit more work involved once she's done with it, but it is mostly off my hands now.  Then I must face the reality of the publishing world and hope for the best.

What will I do meantime?  I have been feeling a great need for some down time lately, between the work I did on Shadow of the Lion, and my classes which are on-going for another few weeks.  Since I send off the manuscript last week, I didn't feel much like writing.  My brain was pretty fried.
I did manage to write one travel article and have others to work on but really, I needed a rest.

While I wait to see what happens with Shadow, I will continue retyping my Celtic novel, "Dragons in the Sky".  I haven't thought of doing any editing and rewrites for it as yet.  I need to clear the decks completely and won't do that until I am in the process of marketing Shadow. 

Lately I've gone to a couple of poetry readings and have some ideas for some new poems for my "Songs for Erato" (Greek poems) collection.  But the Muse hasn't been very evident as yet so I'll give her a rest for awhile.  I need to regroup and revitalize myself.  Can hardly wait for Spring weather to get here so I can go on some nice long refreshing walks!

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