Monday, November 19, 2007


Not too much progress lately on Shadow of the Lion mainly due to various interruptions, social events and currently a house-guest. My friend Patrick returned from Chile/Peru last week and since then we've been on the go and just spend overnight out in the 'burbs at the home of my friend Anibal's daughters because Patrick had brought gifts for them from their mom in Chile.

One of my enjoyable leisure activities (as seen above) is sitting on the Art Gallery bench after I walk up Robson Street coming from my Memoir classes on Thursdays. I always stop and buy a Bavarian smokey (with saurkraut) and sit there to eat my lunch. My Memoirs are now finished for the season and I'll miss this little weekly routine but lately it's been raining anyway, so I'll take advantage of the lunch stop next time I'm downtown on a sunny day.

The recreations centres, libraries and other things are open now after that all-summer strike. This is our public library, built to resemble the Coliseum. I was strolling around downtown one day and took my camera along to get a few pictures of some of the interesting buildings. It's time for me to make a trip to the library, but first I have to get a new library card as last week I was mugged on my way out one evening, my purse snatched, and all my i.d. taken. Fortunately, I wasn't injured, chased the guy who hopped into a nearby car, and got the license number. There was nothing valuable in the purse except my i.d. and debit cards. But it proves you should NEVER carry your bag over your arm or shoulder. (I usually carried mine as a back-pack but that night didn't bother. Lesson learned!)

We've made a few trips to the Cottage Bistro and other venues where my son plays with his West Coast Blues Review. This past weekend he was playing at a pub up the hill near me, The Admiral, and we went along to enjoy the music. That's him, playing lead guitar. His new CD is doing well, and most of the songs on it he wrote himself.

So I must get back on my routines now. I do have some more notes made for the chapter of Shadow that I'm working on. Perhaps by tomorrow I'll have time to focus on doing more writing. With the delays I probably won't make my deadline of the last day of Autumn, but I will certainly be closer to the finish. I'm also studying Spanish (or trying to, and not being diligent enough about it.)

Patrick will be here til the weekend before returning to Germany, and there's a few more events planned such as going to the jazz club mid-week and on Thursday he's doing a piano recital for some of my Memoir women. (I hope I get a good turn-out but so many of them are busy or away). If the weather clears up we'd hoped to take a bus ride up to Brackendale to see the bald eagles who perch by the dozens in the trees by the river at this time of year. But he also wants to see the Museum of Anthropology so, depending on the weather (which isn't good at the moment) will decide the activities. Somewhere in there I'll make an attempt to do a bit of writing!
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Anonymous said...

Gosh, Wynn, I'm sorry that mugging happened to you. Glad you weren't hurt! At least the thief didn't get much. d:

Sam said...

Ouch for the mugging! Good for you to get the liscense plate number - luckily it wasn't in the US or he'd have had a gun and shot everyone. (My opinion of gun laws in the US is in the gutter)
I'm glad you only lost the library card.
Otherwise it sounds like you're busy, and it must be nice having your son around - I'm delighted to hear his CD is doing well! Bravo!
Is there a link to it where we can have a peek?

Wynn Bexton said...

Hi, thanks for the well-wishes. Yes, the caught the car pirates -- a man and a woman -- seems they were making the rounds so I wasn't their only victim. And yes, thankfully I wasn't hurt or had anything valuable taken.

If you want to check out my son's website and music go here:

Meghan said...

Thank goodness you weren't hurt! That's uber scary. I'm glad you're OK.

Adrian Swift said...

My goodness, Wynn! Glad you weren't hurt! Hopefully you'll get your stuff back, too. Those rotten nasty bad people! Ugh.

It must be wonderful where you live. Sounds like a truly awesome place.

With so much going on, it would be a wonder if you could do any writing at all. I doubt I could. But, as things hopefully settle down again for you, I'm sure you'll get back to writing lots and lots.

You must be proud of your son!

Best wishes,


Wynn Bexton said...

Thanks, kids! I'll be posting a new blog soon. Busy attending plays and other social functions. My house guest has returned to Germany now so I will be back on my usual routines tomorrow. My fingers are itching to get back at the keyboard working on the novel!