Friday, September 14, 2007


"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."
Aesop 550 BC "The Jay and the Peacock"


I was sick this week so I got behind in my progress on Shadow but I'll be back at work editing and writing new scenes before the day is out. Meanwhile, after recovering enough to see the matinee of Julius Caesar on Wednesday, and attending an art gallery opening, yesterday and today I had coffee breaks with two actor friends and this revived encouraging and inspiring talk about my currently shelved play "House of the Muses" about Sappho. Meanwhile I got another project to work on for the tour company I'm doing some writing for. By tomorrow I should be back on track with my daily writing program.

At the moment I am taking care of my friend's cute little toy Pom doggie, Niki. She comes and spends time with my bird and I quite frequently. Cheeky the cockatiel loves the doggie and when Niki's here, birdie walks around on the floor pretending he's the same as his four-legged friend. Doggie is very non-impressed by the whole show, even when Cheeky chatters to her.

My bird is my writer's mascot. He loves sitting on my wrist or shoulder when I'm writing although at times (like today) he can be most annoying. He actually thinks he's a person. He has a small vocabulary, repeating in various orders "Pretty bird. Pretty Cheeky. Cheeky pretty." and lately tries to say "Whatcha doin'?" Niki doesn't know what to make of a talking bird!

So for the next while as I work I will have the two little writing friends to keep me company and having doggy-woggles here reminds me that I occasionally need to get up and go for a walk. Not that Niki likes walking that much. Usually it ends up being a 'carry' instead of a 'walk'.

As for the Birdie-wordie, he makes sure Doggie knows who's Boss around here!! My two little pals!


"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
Noel Langley 1911 - ? "The Wizard of Oz", spoken by Judy Garland

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