Wednesday, March 02, 2005


"Rain rain, go away
Come again another day." Nursery Rhyme

Rain again on the 'wet' Coast after a record-breaking sunny period. Gloomy, to say the least.
I had to be out all day today, from early morning til late in the evening, so no time at all for writing, though part of my day was definitely 'writing oriented'.

I worked at the daycare today. The kidlets were restless because of having to stay in. Too many rain puddles in the play yard and the little ones (under 3's) weren't allowed out. It was fun being there though, and a good way to pass the time.

I used my break to edit writing from my novel class. These are mostly first-time novel writers and there's definitely a lot for them to learn yet. But I have to take time to critique their work as it's the way they learn... by writing, practicing and studying the craft just as with any other creative endeavour such as music or painting. I always find it amazing to note that a lot of people don't understand the basics such as indenting paragraphs, lines of dialogue, avoiding lengthy run-on sentences etc. As well, they are just learning about 'voice', character development, setting details, flashbacks, internal thoughts and all the rest of it.

I felt in a semi-daze all day today, like my head's stuffed with cotton, my ears plugged, sinuses clogged up. This cold is getting me down. So in spite of some pleasant moments, I'm still not feeling myself. A bit depressed, and somewhat sad. At least I'm well rested after my weekend away.

Tonight my novel writing class seemed stressful, mainly because we were again pressed for time. With everyone doing their homework we run out of critiquing time and I feel bad for those who didn't get chance to read. Only two more weeks to go so we'll do mostly workshopping from now on. It hardly seems that 8 weeks is enough. The way it's set up is they should at least have one chapter completed by the end of that time and can hand it in to me for editing/critiquing. This is in addition to smaller assignments I give them each week.
It seems to work though. I've had several people who started their novels in my class, actually finish them and get them off to agents/publishers. So that makes it all worth-while.

Tomorrow I'm actually hoping to spend some time on my own writing. I have the whole day except for errands, and a class tomorrow night. I just hope my brain unfreezes so I can think straight. Oh Muse, where are you?

I was disappointed today to find out all the Easter holiday time and another staff's practicum time had been given to another sub. I was hoping for some extra days work to help me dig myself out of the poverty hole I seem to be entrenched in these last months. Oh well. At least it means free days for me to write, so I have to make the best of it. My night school classes end in two weeks and after that there'll be a month of unemployment for me unless I get the odd call into the daycare. So, no excuses not to spend the time writing. It's embarassing to admit I haven't finished my novel yet. And one good thing is, when I'm immersed in Alexander's world I am happy and not thinking of the things that have been bringing me down lately.

"There is weeping in my heart
Like the rain falling on the city." Paul Verlaine

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