Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Here I am with the final pages of "Shadow of the Lion" 

What to do next?  It's a funny feeling, finishing a long project like "Shadow of the Lion" has been.  Of course, it's not really over yet, because there is still the final editing/cutting, pitching for an agent and publisher.  But I have those all planned out, it's just a matter of deciding when to start the editing.  My reading critiquer has finished the first two parts, but I felt I needed a little break to clear my head before the 'editor' takes over. I have to say that the first few days after finishing, I kept on thinking about it, wanting to stop to jot down notes.  Until I finally told myself (firmly!) "Quit it! You are done for now!"
After all those years of carrying that story around in my head it has been very difficult to let it go!

Meanwhile, I have lots of travel stories to write as I set aside most of them while striving to finish the novel.  And this week I was offered a gig writing a bio story about a musician friend of mine.  Today I spent the afternoon interviewing her,  later in the week I'm going to photograph her with her blue-grass group.  At the same time I plan to do a restaurant review of the venue.  And, of course I am still producing stories (at least 5 a month -- sometimes more ) for Planet Eye (now iStopOver travel magazine) for The Vancouver Guide.  www.istopover.com  (North America, Vancouver)

Next week some of my classes start and I haven't even begun to figure out this next session's program as yet never mind sorting out handout stuff to take into the School Board office for printing.  Every once in awhile I feel really mind-boggled with all there is to do and meanwhile, the festive social events keep on happening.  I really do need a vacation!

For starters I am trying reorganize my diet/exercise program (the usual, first on the list resolutions).  And tidy up my piles of papers and accumulated junk.  Once I have a tidy work space, perhaps I'll feel more motivated to begin!

My work space (when it's tidy!)

Note: The photo of me, above, was taken by a friend who is doing a bio about me for a magazine.

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Meghan said...

That's a great picture! you look so happy. :)

Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Meghan, a friend who is doing a story about me for a seniors magazine took this photo. If the story gets published I'll post info on my blog.