Wednesday, January 06, 2010



I seem to have hit a wall. Steven Pressfield calls it "Resistance". If you read back in my blogs I think he talks about this in the questions I asked him. It happens a lot with writers but I didn't want it to happen right now when I am so close to finishing! The main problem has been (besides the fact I have been quite busy with other things this week), I thought I had this next chapter segement figured out. I did all my handwritten notes but yesterday when I planned to sit down at the computer and get it all written, first I got struck by a bad stomach upset and it as difficult to concentrate on new writing when I had cramps. I eventually gave up although I did get a rough first draft done. Then I got thinking it over and realized I had begun this chapter segment much like one I had used a bit before so I probably needed to change my tactics, get a new setting for this scene. I've spent a lot of time thinking it over but the ideas are just not forthcoming. So tonight I sat down (after resisting even beginning!) and tried to write a few more notes. Usually when I am hand-writing the ideas a lot of new ideas come and I'll end up with whole paragraphs. Not this time! I am STUCK!
Should I skip over this just now and proceed with another scene? Or should I just relax, think about it and hope that a brilliant idea will come to mind so that I can carry on? Or...should I leave the chapter beginning just the way I have it and not worry about it being similar to a former chapter? Ah...decisions...all part of the resistance movement that can quickly undermine a writer's flow of thought and stymie the progress. I hate it when this happens!
Well, I have a couple of days coming up that are pretty free of any other distractions so perhaps I will just let it stew for awhile and hope to come up with something brilliant to get me out of the quagmire. Meanwhile, I am stubbornly stuck with Polyperchon as he awaits his bad news!

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