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What does a writer do besides write? Well the past two weeks have been so filled with extracurricular activities that one has to wonder where this writer has found time to write at all. The week after I returned from California I had a two-day media culinary tour of two suburban municipalities of Vancouver: Steveston and Richmond. This was a most extravagant marathon of incredible eating that I've ever experienced and of course I will be writing all about it on my travel blog as well as posting on my travel web site. The itinerary was most inseresting starting by about 9.30 each morning, and one of my favorite excursions was to this fabulous Buddhist Temple in Richmond.


Having been under a certain amount of stress due to a painful foot and back problem, and most of all, struggling to keep negative forces out of my creative space, I found this visit to the Temple most gratifying. In fact, we even had our oracles read, which was an interesting experience. And one thing I realized from the visit was the need to begin meditating and trying to centre myself again so that I can proceed with my writing without any further negative distractions. So, besides eating my way through two full days, there were some benefits and food for the soul too.


We ate our way through six places that day. The first day, it was five restaurants with seafood and Mediterranean style food. The second day was Mandarin dim sum, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese and finished off with a full course Thai dinner that was simply the most fantastic feast I've ever seen! We finished off by going to the grand opening of the Night Market. Ah...the life of a travel writer!

So what have I been doing since those two days of tantalizing food tasting? I'll continue on my next blog entry. writer's life has been full of fun and very busy. And have I managed to do any writing? Well...soon you'll find out what happened to poor old Polyperchon.
And I've started to put together 3 different travel blogs about the recent eating experiences (including the one my friend had over in Victoria in April). **note: I decided to blog them first and then they will be ready to fine-tune for publications.
And then there was the feast of music with the International Jazz Festival, followed by other interesting social activities.
Yes...I really MUST get back to the writing, and I promise you I will, this week, for sure!
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