Friday, July 11, 2008


I've been so busy these past weeks and still haven't had time to get back into my novel writing. A page of notes has been sitting on my desk staring me in the face but between job interviews, preps for new night school classes, appointments and social events, time is slipping by. I'm literally as 'busy as a bee!'

The week started out just great. I had an interview with people from the Brock House writing group. I'll explain "Brock House". The house itself is a grand Tudor-style mansion on the beach in the university area of Vancouver. It serves as a kind of 'community centre' for retired university folk: professors and other professionals, as well as local residents. The Brock House Writers are renown in this city. Each year they have an anthology of their stories published and a couple of years ago they had an interesting project called "Rest and Read" where stories were posted on park benches along the beach area. For many years they have had a very well-loved instructor, but unfortunately he passed away and they've had a hard time finding someone who would fit their needs. I was recommended by the Vancouver School Board for their one-morning-a-week Life Writing class.
I was, needless to say, thrilled at the opportunity. So last Monday I went for my interview with a lovely woman who is a retired professor herself (Education). The interview went very well and I was so warmly received with hugs and hand-shakes. So I will start this new group in September, paid through the VSB too, as they support the Brock House in the programs that are offered there. I'm so pleased to become involved with this group and it will certainly be good on my writer's resume.

The next night (Tuesday) I began a new series of Creative Writing classes for the VSB summer night school. This one is called "Breaking Through: A Creative Writing Workshop" and I was pleased to find a full class of enthusiastic would-be writers. I will be teaching two nights a week thru July. So this has certainly kept me busy again with class preps and the travel to and fro which takes me quite awhile (3 buses to get there!)

Now the weekend is here and more events. Tomorrow is the B.C. Travel Writer's Association annual gala which I'll be helping out with. There's a lot of cool door-prizes offered so maybe I'll even get lucky!

The weather has been exceptionally lovely except for a sudden wind storm yesterday. I want some beach time, and hopefully that will happen on the weekend. That always helps me sort out of my thoughts for writing. I did manage to get to waterfit twice this week (part of my stepped-up exercise regime) And I even had a delicious hour-long massage the other day, followed by a fun afternoon of browsing shops along the Drive with my pal M.J.
We ended up in a Gourmet Warehouse that was like two kids being turned loose in a toy shop. We were both agog at the shelves full of goodies and kitchen gadgets. I must return when I have money in my pocket!

Of course, it's Salsa dancing this weekend too. (also part of the exercise regime. Ahem!) Do you think I'll get back to working on my novel?
Well, it's almost 11 a.m. and that's my usual time to stop procrastinating and start working. I have a late afternoon coffee break schedule to meet with another writer friend in Gastown. So I'll get busy right now and if I can avoid any further distractions, I might even get that new chapter started! Bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz...
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Meghan said...

Wow! You've been really super busy! How DO you find time for your novel, I wonder? Well I hope you find time soon so you can finish it and we can all read it. :D

Wynn Bexton said...

Yes I am very busy but believe it or not I have been getting some writing done and will post the progress report next week. I'm off to the Island for the weekend. Enjoy the hot summer weather while it lasts.