Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is just a short blog to blow my own horn a little (toot! toot!) and let my 'fans' (haha) know that there is an interview with me on this travel writer's website:

Some blatant self-promotion...but necessary in this business!

I'm truly grateful for this bit of publicity and the publicity for my travel web site. Every little bit helps just when I've been feeling rather down in the dumps for various reasons (some of which I mentioned in my last blogs here). I think partly it's the weather and I must have SAD because of the ongoing cold unseasonable weather here on the Coast. A glimpse of sun now and then but too much rain and cloud and very cold. I'm still wearing winter clothes and here it is almost May 1st!

I did have an excellent weekend away though, taking advantage of the 1 night's stay and dinner for two at an excellent place in Victoria B.C. which I won at the last BCATW a.g.m.
The place is called Spinnakers Gastro and Brew Pub and there are heritage guest houses where we stayed. The dinner was an 8 course beer and wine pairing extravaganza which I intend to write in more detail about on my travel blog. I also scored a media pass for the Royal B.C. Museum where there was a new show called "Free Spirits". I travelled with a girlfriend who was excellent company so we had a truly lovely time together.

Still when I got home Sunday night I started to feel sad again. Trying to keep myself busy and in a more positive space. And tonight I went out for Beers with Peers with two of my travel writing friends which was quite an excellent way to spend the evening, talking and enjoying adventure stories. Then I got home and saw that the interview was posted on the travel web site, so that made my day alright!

I haven't been working on my novel, but I have been researching travel markets and have had two stories accepted by one that pays!! Also sent a few others out. So now I'm inspired to write those stories that I've been neglecting. First things first, though. I have to get more of the novel finished. I'm so close to the end!


Meghan said...

What a lovely interview and I like your advice on how to be a good writer you need to practice your craft as much as you can. It's a great idea.

Sam said...

Off to read the interview!
I agree about the sun - at the end of winter I often find myself depressed for no reason. The sunshine soon lifts me out of the doldrums!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Wynn! Keep your spirit up. A coffee mug toast (raising coffee mug) for your story sale! d:))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sale, and the interview!


Wynn Bexton said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and congratulations. It certainly was a bonus last week getting two stories accepted by a paying market. Later I found another had be print published, but no pay. I've had a wonderful week with some very dear old friends showing up from Monday to Saturday, girlfriends from my youth and others from the '70's. We've had a lot of fun together this weekend. I'll write about our adventures soon.

redvino said...

Dont forget to write your wine comments. They are better when written fresh, unless you have good notes. Otherwise all you will remember is getting hammered. Nothing wrong with that!