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Friday, January 11, 2008


Reflections in a pond

I wasn't able to do too much work on the novel this week. It turned out to be a week focused on travel writing instead.

Mid-week it was the AGM of the travel writer's association, for which I'm secretary. I managed to win another door-prize that night: a trip for two to a nice lodge on Vancouver Island.

The next day (yesterday) was a dinner hosted by the Maui Tourism people, held at a brand new downtown hotel. They always put on an excellent event and
this one was strictly for the travel media so it was a good chance to schmooze with other travel writers, some quite notable folk.

Both events also gave me a chance to tout the new travel website that I have been planning, with the help of my friend, to launch. The response was so positive, I decided I better get right on it. My web-master guy and I had already met earlier in the week and discussed the format etc. Last night we secured the site. So today I spent most of the day working out the text for the home page and submission guidelines. As soon as it is officially up and running I'll post a notice here so you can take a peek.

The purpose of this site is to give some new writers a chance for publication and also to put up a few of my own stories rather than 'give' them away to other places like seems to be the way it is these days. Of course any of my new pieces I will try to market elsewhere first. But I got so tired of just posting my previously published stuff up for free, that I figured I may as well have it on my own site.
This also provides a venue for the new writers I find in my travel writing classes who have a hard time these days getting their names in print. The free-lance travel writing business is certainly not like it used to be.

I also spent a lot of time earlier this week sorting out the handouts for my night school classes. That done, I'm now looking forward to the Winter classes which begin in two weeks. I decided not to teach novel writing this term, instead plan an in-home workshop which has proved successful in the past. And yesterday I started the Memoir writing again downtown which looks like it's going to be another dynamic group.

So, although I haven't spent too much time on Shadow this week, I have accomplished quite a lot.

Besides that, last weekend I attended an amazing performance of Eurypides'
"Hecuba". It was so stunning and inspirational, I'm going again tonight.
More to reflect on. And I'm sure by this weekend I'll plunge right back into work on the novel again!

Autumn Leaves
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dayya said...

Hi, Wynn, looks like your new year is off to a busy, busy start. I know the feeling; I'm trying to pace myself with my writing. Hope your new travel website proves a successful endeavor! d:)

Sam said...

Hi Wynn!
What a good idea (the travel article website!)
I am sure it will be a great hit! I'll visit - I love to travel, even if it's only the armchair varity!

Wynn Bexton said...

Well the new website is coming along slowly. My webmaster has put up an example of a home page which I like very much and today I am going to prepare some of the text. It's a very exciting project and I hope it takes off. Lots of interest shown, and I'm asking new writers I know who have had a problem getting published to contribute their work. Once it's up you'll see some very fine writing and excellent stories up there. I'll post a notice when it's all set to go! Meanwhile you can take a peek now and then to see the progress and let me know what you think. (I'm new at this but I have an experienced web master).

Meghan said...

Your website sounds like a great idea. I love reading about people's adventures while travelling. The only time I've ever been published in print was for a Tokyo magazine that wanted crazy stories from foreigners about their experiences in Japan.

Let us know when your site is up! Should be a great read. :)

Gabriele C. said...

That travel site sounds like a great idea. Maybe I can find some inspiration there, lol. Much as I love to travel and to write, and travel writer I'm not. It gets either too academic and distanced, or I play around and tell stories without the travel aspect of the research.