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Thursday, December 01, 2005


"At Christmas play and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year."
Thomas Tusser 1524-1580 "A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry" 1557
"The Farmer's Daily Diet."

Well, here it is December. Kala Mena, as the Greeks say at the first day of a new month.
"Good Month!" What do writers do when they aren't writing? Well, now that the holiday season seems rapidly upon us, my social calendar is quickly filling up with all sorts of
luncheons, dinners, parties and other festivities. I have been spending some time at home these days, between shopping sprees and visits with friends, so I didn't do a lot of writing this week other than in blogs and journals. I felt I needed a bit of time to 'regroup'. It's time for some changes. I went to my stylist's in the suburbs (a long sky-train and bus journey) and had my hair done -- a new style, something more 'gamin' and a new colour, bright and attractive for the festive season -- had some copper (red) streaks put in the blonde, so now my hair has a definite apricot glow which looks quite nice, a change from the platinum of the summer.

On my way home I decided to go Mall shopping. I haven't been to this particular Mall for several months and since my last visit they've renovated and changed things so it was a bit overwhelming. I was wandering around trying to relocate the Food Fair (because I was starving!) and who should I bump into my my son. What a nice surprise! He pointed me in the right direction for some souvlaki and Greek salad, and then I started my quest to find a new top for my Christmas wardrobe.

I'd had my eye on a red India-type shirt I'd seen at a small shop on the Drive, but when I'd gone back to look at it yesterday, decided it was a bit cheesy looking and too expensive. So I started to search at the Mall and I believe I went into every clothing store in the place, all three shopping tiers. Couldn't find anything that I liked. Saw a lot of ugly stuff and weird colours and found the music annoying in the shops -- talk about retail hype!!! -- and eventually gave up. Didn't spend a coin! And when I came out of the Mall it was already dark.

I'm in the mood for a total make-over and that includes wardrobe. But I don't want to spend money needlessly. So tonight I excavated my closet and found a couple of very nice tops that I'd totally forgotten I had. Trouble is, I have a lot of black stuff and I really have my heart set on red for the holidays. I guess partly because the last few months have been a very sad time for me, and I really want to get out of the doldrums and cheer up. RED to go with my RED streaked hair.

By the time I got home tonight the bird was beside himself with loneliness and flew right out into the hall way in his excitement to greet me. He then proceeded to act crazy for awhile, flying around the whole apartment from room-to-room. Later he settled down on my shoulder. He did make one attempt to nest in my new hair-do but I discouraged that pretty fast.

I was supposed to go and meet some writers from my Prompts class tonight, but as it was very late, and it appeared they might have decided to cancel, I decided not to go across town and instead stayed home and had an enjoyable evening doing absolutely nothing. Do I feel guilty for not writing the last couple of days? Not really, because I do write in my journals/blogs and I have been thinking over things about my novel. It's good to take a break now and then, regroup, and revitalize.

By the end of this week I should have some fresh ideas for the next chapter segment, and a good grip on my diet, hopefully my exercise program, and try to get myself in better shape for the festive season. Friday night is the sixth annual Christmas Blues Bash that my son, his wife and I always have at the Cottage Bistro. That sort of kicks off the holiday season and gets us in the mood for Christmas cheer. After that I'll think about hauling out the decorations. I've already almost finished the Christmas shopping. Now, if only I could find that red blouse I want!

"Haste thee, Nymph, and bring with thee
Jest, and y outhful jollity,
Quips and cranks and wanton wiles,
Nods and becks and wreathed smiles."
John Milton 1608-1674 "L'Allegro" (1631) 1.25


Gabriele C. said...

Good luck with the red blouse. Shopping for a special thing you can't find is one of women's hells. Don't ask me about the copper coloured pullover to go with my autumn leaves-design skirt I still haven't found. ;-)

I try to stay out of malls. My favourte shop is a private one where they know your name, serve you coffee and don't play annoying music.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I’m half Greek (and half Irish), Wynn, and your post made me reminisce about my childhood and all the delicious Greek holiday treats my mother and my yiayia (grandmother) would make, like the baklava and
galaktoboureko (farina custard in phyllo soaked with syrup), and all the breads and cookies. Mmmm…

Of course, since I’m rigidly sticking to my diet over the holidays, my thoughts are turning to things of that festive, caloric, fat-laden nature even more than usual. LOL

Wynn Bexton said...

Hello all, thanks for the replies. I still haven't found the red blouse. One more look tomorrow and I will call it quits.

Daisy you do look Greek in your photo. And the mere mention of the galaktoboureko set my mouth watering. I had some to die for last summer out at Alimos Beach. Must go to the Greek bakery soon and buy some (before I join W.W.)

Devorah Stone said...

Hi, you posted so much on my blog I thought I'd post on yours. I find this time of year so hard to do any serious writing at all! Every year I write my family a story/play so I'm working on that. My real life writer's group is meeting right on the Winter Solstice. We decided to revive the old custom of telling ghost stories on the longest night of year. I'll be blogging about that, when it happen. In the meantime I have found all your old messages on my blog and responded to them.

Sam said...

Hi Wyn,
I love that mall story - I'm like that too - if I don't find exactly what I want I won't buy anything.
Have you tried the local Thrift shop? (my favorite store - guilt-free shopping!)
I have a red sweater I like to wear when it's Christmas. It's very cuddly too!
Cheeky sounds like quite a little character!

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