Sunday, December 04, 2005


"The endearing elegance of female friendship."
Samuel Johnson 1709-1784 "Rasselas" 1759 ibid 46

It's been a busy week, much of it spent in the company of good friends, mainly women friends and a good many of them writers like myself.

Thursday there was lunch at a Mexican restaurant with my lovely Memoir ladies. Thursday evening, an Italian dinner with a some women who used to have a little writer's group. We always meet for dinner during the Festive season, about the only time we see each other.

Last night, Friday, was the gala sixth annual Christmas Blues Party. I had given up my quest to find the red blouse, instead, I searched through my closet and found the scarlet embroidered Chinese jacket I had bought a few years ago to wear when attending the performances of my play. As the playwright I had to be present and on stage after every show for the panel discussions they held. So I had a different costume each night. Nothing like living it up for my moment of fame!

I don't think I've worn the Chinese jacket more than a couple of times since then, and almost forgot I had it. Anyway, I wore my black silky slacks and a black silky high-neck shirt under the jacket and dug out a pair of gold dragon earrings with fake jade beads that I hadn't worn for years. Put all together it made quite an elegant outfit. And with the copper streaked hairdo I fetched a lot of compliments.

There was a long table reserved for my friends. The interesting thing was, they were nearly all writers. There were also a couple of my very long-time girlfriends there which made it even cozier. We had a grand time. The music, provided by my son's excellent Blues band, kept us dancing all night. They served delicious food at the Bistro too, so there was plenty to eat and drink. We writers (and musicians) sure know how to party!

It was good to be in the company of my friends. For the first time in weeks, I managed not to sink into a sad mood or dwell on missing A. I actually had fun, dancing and laughing and enjoying great conversation with people I hadn't seen in awhile. (There were even a couple of my son's long-time buddies who used to hang at our house when the kids were in high school.)

Today I had another delightful day with my women friends. Ingrid and MJ and I went to see that wonderful Indian movie "Water" which was so touchingly beautiful. Then we had a fantastic dinner at a Greek restaurant. (Oh ,so good hearing that Greek music! That always lifts my spirits.) The only time today I felt sad was when we walked by the hospital -- remembering all those weeks that I visited A. in Palliative Care.

I stayed home tonight and did very little, but Sunday I am determined to start work on the novel again. I have a few days without anything written on my calendar and then the merriment starts and there's lots to look forward to, even decorating my apartment.
And plans are already underway for the annual Christmas Eve dinner at my place.

"I fall back dazzled at beholding myself all rosy red."
Edmond Rostand 1868-1918 "Chantecler" 1910 - Act II, scene iii

"Keep your sunny side up." Buddy De Sylva (George Gard) 1895-1950
"Sunny Side Up" 1929 - title song

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