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Sunday, May 15, 2005


"If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing."
Herodotus 485-425 "Histories" bk II ch 173

Last week was so hectic for me, no time at all to do any serious writing although I did take time to make a few queries regarding some travel articles I'd sent out. I got called in for three shifts at the daycare, which I appreciated, as every cent counts now toward my living expenses and trip fund. One more week and I'm away!

So after a busy week -- all work and no time for play, I decided to make this a party weekend.
A little rest and relaxation were definitely needed! I worked for several hours Friday at the daycare, (when I'd thought it would be a writing day) and Friday late afternoon my good friend Rosie came to spend the night after hauling all her belongings from the Interior to one of the nearby towns where she'll be managing a neighbourhood pub for the summer. We spent a lovely time over dinner catching up on news then went out dancing to the Latin Quarter. As usual met up with several friends there and had a great time.

Saturday morning Rosie and I met my travel partner, Ingrid, for brunch to talk about last-minute plans for our trip. Later, I'd arranged to introduce my Havana Buddies to my son Steve as they have his CD and play it on their radio shows. So off we went to the Cottage Bistro for the Sat. afternoon jam (hosted by Steve and his Westcoast Blues Review) where we met up with two more of my long-time girlfriends, Jude & Cheryl, and later Rosie joined us too. A great time was had by all, many jugs of beer, good food, a bit of dancing to the Blues. I enjoy going to hear my son play and also the other musicians who I know. You can catch a bit of their music and band news on their website:
After a rousing afternoon at the jam, Jude drove me out to the 'burbs where I met up with my pal Suzaki.

I spent the night at her place, which is right on the edge of a woods and a river. She made a delicious dinner, we drank a lot of good wine, danced salsa and talked the night away. This morning we went for a river walk and she showed me the tiny baby salmon that have hatched in the spawning pools. I just got home awhile ago. Rosie was still here packing up and heading out to the country. Now I have to regroup and organize myself for the coming week.

"Tomorrow I purpose to regulate my room."
Samuel Johnson 1709-1784 "Prayers and Meditations" 1785.

I've got one week left and then I'm off another great adventure! This means I have to put my house in order for the young lady who's coming to house-sit. I hope I get time to do a bit more work on my novel. Tomorrow night is my writer's critique group (at my place) and I'll read the rest of the Athens chapter to them. I have so little left to do for Part IV and would love to finish it before I go. But it depends if I get any more daycare calls. My classes wind up this week too, which means I'm teaching three nights and Thursday morning. And Friday is a board meeting for the poetry collective. So although I am not able to spend all my time writing, I am still involved in writing-related activities.

Sometimes I write on another blog site as well, "Conversations With Myself"
at Just daily chit-chat.

And when I go away I'm going to set up a new blog spot specifically for my travel adventures. I'll post the address as soon as I get it started.

For now, I must clear up the clutter, sort out my belongings, take a good look at what I need to work on next for my novel, and then I can relax.

"We hold the period of youth sacred to education, and the period of maturity, when the physical forces begin to flag, equally sacred to ease and agreeable relaxation."
Edward Bellamy 1850- 1898 "Looking Backward, 2000-1887" ch 6

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