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Saturday, May 21, 2005


he "Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!" Thomas Ken 1637-1711 "Doxology" 1709

Sometimes things happen and you know, for sure, that there are angels looking after you. At least, someone...some unseen Power...Perhaps, in this case, it could even have been Hermes, the traveler's God.

I was out at a friend's last night, and on my way home I stopped by the L.Q. to see what was happening. Immediately, I was invited to a seat at the bar and got into the conversation and music and fun. There was an interesting French man who gave up his seat to me, and later we got into a fascinating literary and intellectual conversation. And my Greek friend was also there, an Athenian, who greeted me warmly, remembering that I'm leaving Monday for Europe. "Agapi mou! Koukla mou!" he said, giving me a big warm hug.

We were having such a great time dancing, then I went to get my purse (which was hanging on the chair under my jacket) and discovered it was unzipped and OH HORRORS! My wallet was missing! MY BANK CARDS! Without them there'd be no holiday for me as I need the debit cards to access my money, some of which won't be deposited til after I'm away. And this weekend is a bank holiday so there would be no chance of me getting them replaced til next Tuesday. (I leave Monday night!)

I was in total shock, numb, but strangely calm, as if it wasn't really happening. I just stood there slowly freaking out, devastated. Then I happened to look down and saw that near my stool in the corner was a black back-pack. Something made me reach down and there, on top of it, was my wallet! All the money, even the coins, were gone (not much more than $15) but the bank cards were still there! Thank God!

A couple of the kind gentleman who were nearby (including the French man) offered to pay for my drinks. Everyone was as relieved as me that I'd found the wallet with the cards intact.
I'm pretty sure I knew who did it ... a young stranger who was standing right next to where my stool was and who had earlier picked a push -and-shove fight with one of the guys. He kept staring at me funny afterwards, in a suspicious way. Of course you can't out-and-out accuse a person unless you catch them in the act, but if I see him there again I will keep my eye on him. AND, I will not be carrying my cards with me when I go out tonight.

I was still shocked when I woke up this morning, and went straight to check for the cards. Yes, they were indeed there! So again (and at least a thousand times) I've thanked God for having that angel watch over me. Now I'm going to be more than cautious. Especially when I'm on the road!

"All's well that ends well; still the fine's the crown; What e'er the course, the end is the renown."
William Shakespeare 1564- 1616 "Twelfth-Night"

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