Sunday, January 20, 2013


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My Muse comes after midnight

nudges me awake.

Whispers urgently,

“Get up! Write!”

I curse her,

stumble across the dark room,

search for matches,

light the candle wick.

Where has she been in the daylight?

How many hours did I wait for her

listening for her voice?

“Where where you?” I ask.

“Was it your voice I heard

while I daydreamed in the sun?

Or was it only the sound of

of sheep bells on the mountain?”

“Write!” she demands. “Write!”

If I wait til morning

the words she whispers to me

will be extinguished

like this candle flame.

Written while living in a shepherd’s cottage , Lala, Euboeia, Greece.
I seem to be having a problem connecting with the Muse these days. 
Very frustrating, when there is so much work to do. But I have felt unsatisfied with what I've already written for "Dragons in the Sky" other than those very early chapters written in the beginning. So I am trying to conjure the Muse's help.
Meanwhile I'm reading a very good book "Song for Achilles" that seems to be inspiring me. It's written first person narrative and in a very lyrical style, like Dragons. So perhaps I can capture the cadence again and smooth out what I've written which, to me, seems a bit stilted and phony — "made up" instead of flowing in a natural narrative. 
I've also go to sort out all the research notes I took which are not in any particular order and slow me down when I'm looking for things. And, I need to learn more about the herbs and spells and magic things so I can add more of those ingredients to my story.
So, I call on you Muse, to please come and inspire me! I'm waiting....


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