Friday, October 31, 2008



Fright Nights are here again. It seems ages since I got time to sit down and blog here. I didn't do a magical disappearing act or get kidnapped by pirates. It's just been a really busy time for me. Seems I'm running around town from morning til night what with classes and other events. My plate has been full to overflowing and frankly I've been somewhat stressed.

Last weekend I spend the entire 3 days at the wonderful Surrey International Writer's Conference. I always volunteer so I can go free and this year I introduced five presenters and attended lots of workshops. There was a mystery/spooky theme there this year with a masquerade to end the sessions on Saturday night. I had taken my pirate gear along but in the end decided to come back into town to my old neighbourhood where there is a big celebration for the Day of the Dead and a Parade of Lost Souls. Everyone dressed up in ghoulish costumes and the houses in the neighbourhood are decorated with spooky motifs. It's lots of fun.

It seemed an appropriate week to be honouring the dead as it was three years ago on Oct 28 that my friend Anibal died. So along with thoughts of all the other dear departed I lit a candle and remembered....

And then comes Hallowe'en. Our building is going to greet the kiddies at the door with treats so we were given a chance to carve a pumpkin to decorate the lobby. This is my Jack O'Lantern. He's waiting down in the hall now for me to come and light the candle. I'm going to put my pirate gear on and take my bags of goodies down for the little ghosts and goblins who come calling. Afterwards I'm heading for the Latin Quarter as Hugo says the band are going to play some of Anibal's favorite songs tonight. I'm sure his spirit will be there.

I hope in a couple of weeks to have more time to resume work on my novel. My classes end in three weeks and then all this endless running around with stop.
Meanwhile, have a safe but spooky Hallowe'en and remember to light a candle to chase away those bad spirits and welcome the souls of the dearly departed.

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Adrian said...


What a cool costume! Bet you had lots of fun. I'm happy to hear you'll finally have some time to shift focus back to your writing as your classes wind down. You've been so busy of late, and I've waiting to hear about your novel again!


Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Adrian, I feel so terribly remiss in writing here. Just imagine it's been almost a month since my last entry. That's how busy I've been -- an no time to read other people's blogs either. It's been very stressful, especially since I am unable to work on Shadow and this really disturbs me. But, in just a couple of weeks I'll once again have lots of free time.