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Monday, September 25, 2006


"Copy your forefathers, for work is carried out through knowledge; see, their words endure in writing..."
The Teaching for Merikare Par. 4 2135 - 2040 BC
(a treatise on kingship addressed by a king of Heracleopolis whose name is lost, to his son and successor, Merikare.)

Yesterday was the annual "Words on the Street" festival of written and spoken word presented by the Public Library. Tents are set up around Library Square and there are booths with various writer's organizations and magazine/book publishers as well as indoor lectures. It's all free and a wonderful opportunity to hear from the experts, listen to poetry and readings from published fiction or non-fiction works and attend lectures. As well, it's a good day for schmoozing with other local writers and for this it becomes a pleasant Sunday afternoon social event.

The day was bright with sunshine and very warm. I headed down a little late so missed some events I'd have otherwise attended. But I did sit in on a very informative lecture by an agent who gave some excellent tips for submitting queries etc. And later I sat in on a workshop for "Writing for the Stage" which provided a little inspiration for me to once again tackle my Sappho play. In the tents on the street, a number of people I know were reading poetry and some well-known published authors were presenting their work along with short discussion. I wish I had paid attention to the program and got there early enough to sit in on the historical fiction writer's performances as I need some inspiration now to get back into my own writing.

I'm pretty well all settled in my new apartment, and let me tell you that this is heaven! On these bright Autumn days the sun streams through the skylights and I have no need to use the electric lights until early evening. From my balcony is a panoramic view of the sunset and twinkling city sky-line. I can visualize myself sitting on the balcony writing once I get a table and umbrella for shade. And now I have my work space set up, though it's a bit crowded, I am all set to get back to writing.(There wasn't as much floor space here with the built-ins, so it was tricky fitting my furniture in, but I'd done it and it is very cozy!)

My classes started last week too, and it looks like a successful season has begun. That in itself is an inspiration. To be among writers, and even the wanna-be-writers is stimulating to me. So I plan to start work back on the novel this week after this little break. Between the packing/moving and trip to New York it hasn't been possible for me to concentrate on the complex political goings on of Alexander's world. But things are calmer now and I am ready to start.

One last little bit of sticky business with the old landlords, and then my life should resume its serenity. (Yes, of course those nasty people intend to gyp me out of my damage deposit but I won't let them get away with it. So it looks like another trip to arbitration. Then I'll be rid of them!) I will post my rants about these sleaze-artists on my "Conversations with Myself" blog at

In spite of the move, I've managed to do a little bit of writing the past two weeks, posting all the blogs about my short, sweet vacation in the Big Apple. You can see these on my travel blog site:

I note by reading some other writers' blogs that sometimes it's necessary to abandon one's projects, sad as it is. I know this well as I had to abandon my Celtic story and have also abandoned my Sappho play -- temporarily of course -- though it's been a number of years since I revisited Olwen's world, "Dragons in the Sky". Sometimes it's necessary to take a break just to let the idea brew for a longer time. Scott, do not despair because Medjay will speak to you again when he's ready. I have already heard Olwen's voice whispering to me -- and Sappho's too -- but they know they have to wait awhile longer before I can 'speak' for them.

So here's to Autumn! And for me, a new beginning. Alexander and his friends are waiting and I must focus, and get their story finished!

"In the world of words, the imagination is one of the forces of nature."
Wallace Stevens 1879-1955 "Opus Postumous - 1957 - Adagio"


Sam said...

Hi Wynn!
The Words on the Street festival sounds like fun - there is so much going on in your town!
And so glad to hear your new apartment is nice!! It sounds really lovely - I adore skylights and balconies!

Wynn Bexton said...

Just a few adjustments to my work space which is a bit too crowded and then I'll be all set. It truly is a little 'paradise' and I am so relieved to be away from that other roach-infested place with all the nasty vibes. You don't realize til you leave just how bad it was! And even my birdie is happier here. So I wonder how many of the bad vibes he was absorbing that used to make him behave in such a wild manner!