Monday, January 16, 2006


"Make thee an ark of gopher wood." The Holy Bible, Genesis 6:14

"And the rain was upon the earth for forty days and forty nights." Genesis 7: 12

"Oh it rained, rained rained, forty days and forty nights
And the animals in the ark walked to and fro..." lalala....(a song I used to listen to when I was a kid.)

This entry is going to be nothing but sheer whimsy because my brain is soggy, my feet are now webbed and I've been quacking angrily at my bird all day today!
Yesterday the city had hoped to exceed the 28 day record set in 1953 for incessant rainfall. However Saturday and Sunday the sun peeked out shyly from behind the clouds. It did shower briefly yesterday just as I started my long-awaited walk on the sea wall, but as it didn't rain at the airport, we were not able to count that for the recrod. For us, it was 27 days of straight downpour. And guess what? Today it is pouring again and forecast to last another week.

I was reminded of that wet year of 1953. It must have continued through the Spring, because on the first day of summer that year it was raining buckets. I was a young teen working as a copy-runner for the newspaper. They dolled me up in a homely-looking bathing suit and fur jacket and posed me down on the beach holding an umbrella. I still have that picture and if I knew how to post it, I would.

So this past week, aside from staying in out of the cold, wet weather, what do penniless writers do for entertainment at times like this? I did, in fact, make some notes and a first draft of a new chapter segment for my novel. I even made notes as I walked the sea-wall yesterday, and today have completed a 'rough' draft of the chapter to workshop at my critique group tonight.

The rest of the weekend was spent listening to good music, dancing and hanging out with friends. In spite of being broke I needed some respite on Friday night so after two days of work I went to the L.Q. I'd been absent for over a week and decided I should make an appearance. The kind bar girl always lets me run a tab but in this case a friend paid so that was a bonus. Then Saturday, my girlfriends and I met at the Cottage Bistro where my son hosts the Blues jam. They were treating poor-little-penniless-writer-me. These are gals from my past (you don't know about the Shipping News stories) and one is a long-time work colleague from daycare days. We have been getting together at least once a month for the past year or so. We have such a wicked time together.

On Saturday we were enjoying the excellent music and especially the tastey young musicians, in particular this sax player who was like a young Greek god. My oh my! I suggested we could have been charged for lusting after a youth, but the joke was on us as he admitted to us he was actually 35! (maybe he was lying!) I have this thing for percussionists and sax players so it certainly made my day as there was also a drummer playing who is mighty sexy! Needless to say, fun was had by all.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, I couldn't resist passing by the LQ on the way home. After all those pints of beer I switched to ouzo. Well, two would have been enough. However one does get 'carried away' at this moments and as I was having a swell time dancing with one of A's friends and chatting to other acquaintances who were there, I'm afraid I slightly overdid it. Will I ever learn? In all, it was quite a magic evening.

Anyway, when the sun came out yesterday (though briefly) I made my way to the Park for a long, brisk walk and along the way stopped to make notes for my novel. I tend to be a 'walking writer' and get some of my best ideas while I'm walking, especially walking on the sea wall. So today I had a good start to finish this chapter. It's kind of rough but I'll see what the critique group says tonight.

I'm writing political stuff and it's complicated. Last night I watched a very good docu titled "The Fall of Fujimoro" (Peru's president) and it was quite interesting to see how politics today is just as corrupt as it was back in Alexander's time. Things don't change, it seems.
And on this subject, I see there was a woman elected to office in Chile. I am almost certain A. would have known her and her family so I'm sure he'd be pleased with their choice.

We're in the midst of an election campaign here and to tell the truth it's mighty boring. I'm not impressed with either of the two top contenders and will not vote for them. At least I hope my minority party will pick up a few more seats.

Well, that's my mindless ramblings for this blog. I'll try to compose something more brilliant next time when I'm feeling less water-logged and we see the sun again.

"He that has and a little tiny wit,
With hey, ho, the wind and rain,
Must make content with his fortunes fit,
Though the rain it raineth every day."
William Shakespeare 1564-1616 King Lear III, ii 76


Anonymous said...

Nice blogging

Gabriele Campbell said...

Hi Wynn, seems you've attracted a spam troll. :-)

I know about having a bit more alcohol than I intended. During my time at university, I sometimes went out with people - they only time in my life had something like a social life in fact. But I don't miss it much.

Sam said...

I love to walk - and it rains a lot here during the winter months too. The ground is perpectually soggy in the winter - there is no use going out without rubber boots on. Sometimes we'll get a freeze and that's always welcome - finally some hard ground to walk upon! But I won't complain; the mild weather makes it nice for walks, even in the drizzle, and I suppose that's what umbrellas are for!

Sam said...

I wasn't happy with the last two contenders for the US elections either - I voted, but it was half-hearted at best. And the voting system in the US sucks rotten lemons. I would much prefer the balck stone, white stone system, lol. Can you imagine counting all the stones?